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Fongming Cable Factory designs and manufactures a broad range of custom-designed and standard high temperature cables for industrial products that has been tested by UL, CSA. Our cables can be found in environments that demand accuracy and reliability such as oil refinery station, steelworks, industrial igniters, heaters, sensing devices, spraying machines and so on.

Fongming not only offers wires and cables to our customers, but also provide them with cable assembly and wire harness, helping them to improve the operation efficiency of their supply chains.

Fongming owns a group of experienced engineers and a whole set of production equipment. Our engineers are willing to design or joint design high quality wires for customers, turn it to samples and all the way to mass production after reliable tests.

Typical Industrial Applications:
1. Sensor
2. Industrial Igniter
3. Industrial Heater
4. Automation Device
5. Spraying Equipment
6. Metering
7.Machines working in high temperatures

Products and Solutions:
1. Teflon wires (PTFE wires, PFA wires, FEP wires
2. Silicone wires
3. XLPE wires
4. Thermocouple wires
5. TPE, TPU,PVC wires
6. Customized high temperature resistant wires
7. Wire harness and cable assembly

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